Monday, July 18, 2011


i talked with daddy last night when i was reviewing spanish. he wants me to get an associates in french after i finish the one in spanish on top of the bachlors in early childhood. the best way to do that is to make the associates a double major. i can understand the benifits. i could not only teach high school french and spanish, but i also could do esol. At the least it will add another year before the 2yrs in educaation. do i want to be in school for ever? i understand the benifits, but i want to start working sometime

long time no blog

i know it has been a while since i posted. i only started this for a English class. after i finished the class i forgot about it until my sister started one and persuaded me to post again. i never know what to talk about, which is why i never post. in a way some of the pressure is off because it isn't going to be graded. i was reading some of my old blogs and realizing how fast time flies. cliche i know. there was this one i wrote 2 years ago about my pets where cricket and yao ming were the kittens. yao is a girl by the way. since then we have been given 2 orange kittens, pipi and spinx. we also no longer have moonie or sassquash. pipi and yao each had 5 kittens each. yao had 1 female light grey tabby that looks like sassquash so we named her sassy, 1 female black tabby named raven, and 2 female and 1 male unnamed dark grey taby. pippi had 3 male unnamed orange tabbies and 2 femaletortise shells one has a brown foot, unnamed and the other has a white foot which mama named star .we also have mocha, lucky's puppy. we think she is curr pit bull mix. she is burnt orange like her mother. when i started this blog it was just my second semester and now i have almost two years under my belt.

Friday, April 30, 2010

people in my life

one person who has shaped my world view is my dad. he has, and continues to, teach me to care for others. he has taught me the meaning of unconditional love. he is one person who is responsible for making me the person i am today. he has shown me that the world is not all bad. good things do happen, dispite what the news papers say. she has taught me to think for my self and not beleive something because everyone else does. he taught me how to make up my own mind. he also has taught me to research something before i form an opinion. he taught me to love to read and learn new things. he also has taught me that no one ever stops learning.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my day

i was on my way to class when my dad turned into the parking lot of msc. a guy started to back out and hit us. i had to wait on the cops to come so i could go to class. i wonder how that is going to affect the quiz grade. is that a clue that it will be bad? i doubt it. i have read to chapter 7 of 25. so far it is easy reading and enjoyable. i probably wouldn't have picked out myself, but i'm glad i have to read it because that is what school is for. to break you from the your comfort zones. i'm glad it is easy to read, because i just finished one for my history class that wasn't.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

research paper topics

i think i have finally decided on a topic for the research paper. i think i am going to do it on diabetes. i did a paper on that in the 11th grade, but they have so much more information now. plus i definitely have a good source of inspiration. my mom had what you call a silent heart attack this summer. the heart attack was brought on by complications of diabetes. she really scared us and herself. it really was a wake up call. i thought i was going to lose my mom at the age of 19. she now is taking care of herself. she goes to the medical center for a cardiac exercise class three times a week. diabetes is a serious disease. it effects the entire body. i would love to learn more.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

last night

last night i went to an event at a member of my church's house. i was amazed at how fancy it was. along with fancy crystal-like glasses, the silver ice bucket had a pair of tongs to grab the ice with. the furniture was Victorian in style. with the curved edges and claw feet. at diner we were served on what i suppose was china. i had to wait for someone else at my table to eat first to see what fork to use. there were three, one for salad, one for diner, and one for dessert. at my house when we have people over we serve soda in plastic glasses. then we put out a bag of pretzels. at diner we only have 1 fork, less dishes. the guests use the same fork for their salad, diner and dessert. our silverware is stainless steel and theirs were probably silver.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


yesterday was a long day, very long. it started about 5:30 am, when my sister and i got up so we could get her back to Atlanta by 8:30 am. my sister fell asleep on the way up. i stayed awake, listening to music and talking to my dad, who was driving. we got to Atlanta without much trouble, until we got off the interstate that is. my dad turned the wrong way onto peachtree rd from lenox. as we were driving the wrong way, i realized that every other street in Atlanta has the word peachtree in the name. anyway once we droped janet and her stuff at olgethorpe, we headed back for macon. we got on i-75 south at just after 9 am. we drove non-stop to macon, well exept to get a drink in macdonnah. we drove non-stop because i had to be at macon state for my 11 am class. well i walked in the door of my 11 am math class at 10:57. as my dad told me, "i'll get you their before 11, i just can't promise you how much before." so i am living proof that you get on i-75 north just after 6 at get to macon state in time for your 11 am class.