Monday, July 18, 2011


i talked with daddy last night when i was reviewing spanish. he wants me to get an associates in french after i finish the one in spanish on top of the bachlors in early childhood. the best way to do that is to make the associates a double major. i can understand the benifits. i could not only teach high school french and spanish, but i also could do esol. At the least it will add another year before the 2yrs in educaation. do i want to be in school for ever? i understand the benifits, but i want to start working sometime


  1. just to spanish, especially if you are staying in the south. If yo uplan to move up north, maybe some french....but for now....spanish. you gotta get to grad school lady!

  2. interesting. i thought you would go the other way. i do see your point. i am in spanish that is official. another suggestion he made was to pair the french with my masters.